What is the latest craze in the hair industry? Velaterapia! Simply known as candle cutting. “Candle cutting?” Yes, candle cutting. The Brazilians figured a way to give you long, silky smooth hair without cutting it! “How is that possible?” While your hair may be dead or split at the ends, it can also be dead or split along the hair shaft as well. What the candle does is burn off all those split and dead ends all along the hair shaft. “Wait wouldn’t my whole head go on fire?” No because it only burns what is dead or split not whats healthy. After Velaterapia we wash your hair and apply a deep conditioning treatment for at least 20 minutes. The heat of the candle opens your hair cuticle which allows the deep conditioner to penetrate the hair up to 3x the normal amount which fills your hair and gives you that soft silky hair you dream about! Give us a call or stop by to see what the craze is about and book your appointment!

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